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Abate A Penalty From The IRS By Using The First Time Abatement

Hi everyone, I am Gilberto Neira Owner of Neira Tax and Consulting. Today I want to give you a brief presentation on how you, … as a taxpayer are able to abate certain penalties from the IRS by using the First Time Abatement.

A brief background about myself, ……. I worked with the IRS for six year as a Revenue Agent… for the people that don’t know what a Revenue Agent is, ……. is the person conducting an Audit on your tax return, either Individual or Business….. including Partnerships Corporations and S-Corporations, and employment tax audits as well. ….. so I now want to share with you how you can abate a penalty.

What is the First Time Penalty Abatement?

Its an administrative relief from penalties for not filing a tax return by the due date, not paying the tax due by the due date, and by not making deposit the tax when due.

The IRS can remove the penalties assessed for filing and paying late

Why does the IRS assess these penalties?

The IRS utilizes penalties to promote voluntary compliance. What does that mean? Pretty much, to make the taxpayers aware of know the consequences for not filing and paying on time

There are other penalties that cannot be abated using the first-time abatement but can be abated by using reasonable cause, which I will discuss in another video.

What is the criteria that taxpayer must meet to have the penalties abated? You have to be current or filed a valid extension for all your tax return,

Second, you must have paid, or arranged to pay, any tax currently due

That means you can owe taxes but have an installment agreement in effect.

Third, you could have not incurred any penalties within the prior 3 years. For example, you are penalized with the failure to file penalty for 2018. In order for the IRS to abate the penalty using First Time Penalty Abatement, you could not have incurred any penalties for 2015, 2016, 2017

How to Request the First Time Penalty Abatement?

You can call the phone number on the notice received from the IRS stating that you were penalized for not filing on time.

Tell the IRS you are requesting the First Time Abatement as per IRM, make sure you state the penalties for failure to file and pay.

By Writing, send the letter to the service center where you would be required to file for your current year.

Tell the IRS you are requesting the First Time Abatement as per IRM, make sure you state the penalties for failure to file and pay.

Lastly, we can help call or file the letter with the IRS.

You can give us a call or text 956-740-0541.

You can also hit us up with any questions you may have.

I appreciate your attention hank you and this concludes my presentation.

Happy Thanksgiving 2019.


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